Romero Den Time 2020-2021-Homeroom Assignments

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Past Assignments


10/12/20 Handout in Google Classroom

10/12/20 Handout


Identity Map in Google Classroom

Identity Map

Today we discussed our identities. We learned that each of our identities is made up of many parts, or aspects. Create your identity map and share it with me. Sharing is totally optional, but completing the activity is not optional. I would love to see the different aspects of your identity.


9/17/20 Den Time Attributes in Google Classroom

9/17/20 Den Time Attributes


9/14/20 Slide Deck in Google Classroom

9/14/20 Slide Deck

Make sure you have completed the interest inventory. Then view this slide deck. Watch the video and complete the letter writing activity. Submit your letter.


9/3/20 Goal in Google Classroom

9/3/20 Goal

Click the link and complete the form.


8/31/20 Interest Inventory in Google Classroom

8/31/20 Interest Inventory

Make sure you complete this today. This will help determine your den time placemnet for next week.


8/24/20 Safety Course in Google Classroom

8/24/20 Safety Course

Please click the Online Safety Course link below and review the Digital Drama Slides and video. Then click on the Google Forms link and complete the form. Come back here and click turn in once you have done both.


8/27/20 Reflection 2 in Google Classroom

8/27/20 Reflection 2

Click the link and complete the reflection.


8/24/20 Reflection  in Google Classroom

8/24/20 Reflection